Podcast 121: Ece Özel

Two years ago we hosted a podcast from the Istanbul diva Zozo. Today we introduce you to Ece Özel, the talented artist from the same beloved place. She conquered our hearts with her passion to mysterious music connections, crazy records and eclectic DJing since 2009. She’s a resident of Minimuzikhol, where she’s throwing her own parties full of weird forms of dance music, Özel Zevkler. You can also catch our homie behind the decks in Zurich or hypnotizing dancefloor of the odd disco festival Camp Cosmic. The Ece’s podcast for us is a shimmering emerald stars of space synth disco in the company of cold icebergs of minimal synth, sometimes cracking from the hot sands of this woman’s heart. In other words, this mix is a Universe, but warm inside.

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