Podcast 116: chOOn!!


We received a special mix from Eamonn, the guy behind chOOn!! moniker and s/t radio show on Subcity Radio in Glasgow. It’s focused on “global connectivity, metaphysical traveling and world music in a very current sense, which is to say, rootless in all its dazzling multiplicity”. This spring/summer Eamonn started a collaborative project with Fergus Clark – they are working with the unreleased tape archive of Morris Pert, master percussionist and «all round Scottish oddball», showcasing his lost and as yet, mostly unheard Fourth World and Ambient compositions (to be released later this year). The mix chOOn!! sent us solely incorporates records from the back catalog of the South American pioneer of Electronic & Cosmic frequencies and Venezuela’s answer to Klaus Schulze, Angel Rada. The sounds in this mix display an alchemy of styles, shapeshifting in all sorts of directions, subtly or not; shorter, longer, backwards, dubbed out, less dubbed out, highly ambient, complex and Fourth World.

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Tags: Glasgow_finest

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