Podcast 109: Jita Sensation

Met Aymard & co at L’International Records last week and one common friend introduced them as “the boys who throw the best underground parties in France at unexpected locations”. Aymard Caillol is a part of Paris collective Bruits De La Passion. This year he started to play with Antonin Roux as Jita Sensation duo. The boys are true record freaks and their podcast for us has 80’s Euro exotic boogie vibe. Tomorrow the crew throws 3 days festival Zone Disco Autonome in Paris with insane line-up of likes Eva Geist, Calypso Steve, Kejeblos, Okonkole Y Trompa, Zaltan, The Pilotwings and many more!

Check the Zone Disco Autonome website and follow Jita Sensation and Bruits De La Passion on Soundcloud.

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