Podcast 108: Clicklounge

“In a strange world of action in action, as in the waking dream of humanity fear, to stay becalmed can be as dangerous as to advance a breakneck speed. And so a musical pathway appears every run we make. After a murky period the clouds turn out, they bring a tranquil classical sound and then the tyranny steps in again”. Paulius Austrevičius, for some known as Clicklounge, is an exigent selector & a firm devotee of music as an expression form itself. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, he’s residing & operating as a booker assistant at Opium Club, one of the prime night clubs in the country. His carefully researched selections go in tandem with unique cuts, oddities & various musical compositions & its subjections. A gourmet combination of versatile & thermal music reflects at his podcast for us.

1. Jon Hassell – Chor Moiré [Editions EG] [1981]
2. Dimosioypalliliko Retire – Fifty Fifty [Orila Records] [2002]
3. Pyrolator – You Me [Ata Tak] [197]
4. Михаил Чекалин – Вырванная Страница [Мелодия] [1989]
5. Andrea Noce – Hawaii Bombay [Selva Elettrica] [2015]
6. Digital Poodle – Soul Crush (Manie Sans Délire Revision) [Suction Records] [2017]
7. Liem & Eddie Ness – Formula Rossa [Banofee Pies Records] [2016]
8. De Los Miedos – Voodoo [Ostra Discos] [2016]
9. Shit & Shine – Picnic Table [Editions Mego] [2015]
10. SM Nurse – That’s The Body [Domestic Records] [1980/2017]
11. Morgan Buckley – Call Incoming [No’Label] [2014]
12. Die Partei – Strahlsund [Vinyl Magazine] [1982]
13. Thomas P. Heckmann – The Sound Of Colour [Fax+49-69/450464] [2008]
14. Christopher R. Watson – News Cut-Up 2-5-81 [White Stains Tapes] [1981]

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