No Way Back 9

Another episode of my show on LYL: from natural to mechanic, from hand percussion to drum machines.

Dominique Guiot – Les Deux Poissons
Hubert Ventre Dauriol – Asiatic Dreams (Nico Motte Remix)
Cousin – Wah Day Toms
Bato Bato – Sendero De La Carded Decente
Jean-Pierre Boistel, Tony Kenneybrew – Vas Y Peter
DJ Neewt – Siggo
Lifetones – Decide
DJ Dee Kay – Bow Down Battle
P Relief – Lolli
Silvania – Movimiento
Unovidual – Dit Is Pas Het Begin
Neneh Cherry And The Circuit – Dead Come Alive
Eirin Peryglus – Y Dyn Newydd
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Signifie
Nathan Melja – Candy
La Batterie – Let There Be Drums (Max Abysmal’s Spooky Remix)
Siegmar Fricke – Round The Country
Baron Samedi – Soup Kitchen
Rolande Garros – French Open
Chandra – Kate
Siegmar Fricke – Aero
Aaron Broomfield – Boomerang

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