No Way Back 11

Recorded at the office on a dark morning, there was a thunderstorm outside, strange vibes

Sebastian Gandera – Contre-Sens Side A
Eirwud Mudwasser – Sabat
John Di Stefano – Culture Schlock
Playdate – Tape VII AM (reprise)
Moon B – Haunt U
The Dictaphone – Defeated All Chance Of Successfully Search
Rick Cuevas – The Birds
Eirwud Mudwasser – Don’t Spill Wine (On the DX)
Mozaika – Crepuscule
Prins Emanuel – Oka Nda Ska I
Shakti – Demonic Forces
River Yarra – Toad Charmer
The Dictaphone – Conundrum
Aki Aki & Rasputin – Opti-Mystic Dub
Shabason – Caraquette
Gwakasonne – Atmosphere
John Di Stefano – Nuage
Tata Toto – Fuck
Raymonde – Resignee Absol
Aki Aki – Kale Selector
The Dictaphone – Tropical Clapper
Infuse Giallo – Torus
Alek Lee – Our Party (Peaking Lights Remix)
Young Marco – Temple On A Road
Gwakasonne – Siklon
The Dictaphone – Cul De Sac
Wilson Tanner – My Gull
Dear Vavy – Past Past Pink Label
Hotlegs – Today
Electronic System – Skylab

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