New Krossfingers

First of all, thanks Turbo Mamba for the current changes in our look, it’s our first redesign in 4 years. Its fresh eye made the message bolder than ever, the website look sharp and modern. So what’s new?

🍔 On the main page, the content is eating the whole width of your screen, while in any post, it’s sitting comfortably in the center.

♠️ The new font is bolder, tighter and more certain.

🤓 The main page is much more interesting and informative than before: the title in bold, the info in regular, added excerpts.

💎 Crisp blue color changed inexpressive green and it’s used for the link highlighting.

🎉 Added support for the custom background colors, emojis, gifs & many more.

You’ll feel new here.

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Music of January 2018

We feel refreshed 💦 after compiling this month top: half of the names debuts in it, some favorites (like Heap or Scott Young) are back with mind-blowing music. Nick Klein, Garland, Dopamine Rider, Job Sifre and more, check it out!

Top-5: Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman likes “Avocado’s, French fries and fabric softener”. He mentioned J DIlla, Fingers Inc and some curiosities as his fave records

Track 119: Light House