New Krossfingers


The Krossfingers project existed as a blog over a year fighting strong against all the difficulties and restrictions of the Tumblr platform. We’ve learned a lot , first of all thanks to those who participated in the life of our blog, those who supported, contributed and served as role models to us. The time has come for us to leave cramped and stifling cage called “blog”, and we decided to launch a website with a complete new design! Still, just like before, we stick to basic and most important principles:

Individual approach and careful attention to details. Every our post about an artist or a record is a result of intensive research, hunting for publications and long challenging work we make to separate the best from the rest.

Open-mindedness. We’re not going to bind ourselves with some genres or musical forms, because one can evince the truth only by observing the whole variety. Quality is our priority!

Unique design. All drawings on the website are made by Sasha Tessio – from the Heroes’ covers to his variations on record artworks. The art should inspire further creations.

Eternity. A number of our heroes have either already left their mark on history or working on it at the moment, some of them are just starting their way towards this goal. We want to share with you their precious experiences, outlooks and affection for music and for life. Enjoy it and share with others. Complying with this principle we choose records and classic Krossfingers. We are nothing comparing to eternity, however we attempt to bring it a bit closer.

Friendliness and cheerfulness. Krossfingers is a super friendly home, where every researcher is welcome as family or a close friend. We keep away from snobbishness and arrogance and appreciate dreamers and sincerity. As well as we can’t envision ourselves without being a bit childlike and making fun. After all, children are the most creative beings on the Earth.

We are open to fresh discoveries and experiments. Now you have the possibility to see more of our content in a proper way. We are super inspired we got such freedom of action. So keep breathe and wait for cool surprises from us!

And don’t forget: we are growing with you and because of you, so huge thanks and respect for support, cooperation, commitment and understanding!