Music of September 2019

Love September and its vibe. It feels also in this month selection: an essential Toshifumi Hinata comp, new Mood Hut and Dazion’s remix of ‘Tikitaka’, double-combo from Chillera and many more fantastic releases.


Toshifumi Hinata – Broken Belief [Music From Memory]

An essential release – Chee Shimizu selected ten tracks from Toshifumi Hinata’s catalogue for this compilation on Amsterdam label. The vibe here really feels the same like on the earliest MFM records. Very dramatic, beautiful sounds, memorable pieces played in a lot of mixes by the likes Young Marco, Chris Kontos and many others, finally on one record. Love it!


CZ Wang & Neo Image – Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat [Mood Hut]

The track of the summer 2019 with no doubt. Pender Street Steppers played the most memorable set of this year edition of Brave! Factory festival and this particular track was a pure magic.


Low Jack – Virgin Traf 22 / Grass 29 [Editions Gravats]

Pumping, tense 7″ – so much energy squeezed into these two short tracks. B-side is a fave.


Tamburá – Tikitaka Remixes [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

A hidden gem from 1994 is back in three reinterpretations, the Dazion remix is a massive hit, pure shamanizm.


Chillera – Pro Fun [Muscut]

The most touring underground Ukrainian band? Probably, yes! Muscut heavy-hitting trio is back with a fresh 10″


Mlin Patz – Sunlimit [Muscut]

This is “a solo project of Chillera band member Polina Matskevych (electric guitar), an outlet for her experiments with sound collages, field recordings and dub sound — all accompanied by a warm southern guitar sound.”


Accident du Travail – live at Cafe OTO [vlek]

Melange, soothing sounds for a contemlative mood.


CEO Of Everything – Всего [Incompetence]

A conceptual and very solid project of Andrew Lee (Interchain, Obgon). Just read its description: “The first release contains 6 tracks, which are concise and abstract like electronic document circulation, unpredictable like unscheduled inspections, emotional like first meeting and long-awaited like a 13th salary. Surely, every each of them is a hit, which cannot be otherwise, as the success for the CEO is important in everything — both in business and in art.”


Various Artists – Night City Life compiled by Ilan Pdahtzur [Spacetalk]

London-based digger Ilan compiled “a killer collection of 1980s synthesizer songs inspired by Ilan’s admiration for the glow of London’s late night skyline”


Fantastic Man – Solar Surfing [Kitjen]

Mic Newman is finally back in a fantastic shape: three fresh cuts, jumping and hypnotic. Can’t stop dancing after it.


AIR LQD – Repeat Itself [Unknown Precept]

Belgian groove-maker brewed his second album of hard-hitting cold and minimal sounds. A monster!


Edit Service Special Delivery Vol 5 by Ólta Karawane

Russian edit specialists landed on a perfect label to show their craft.


Texts Sasha Tessio

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