Music of October 2019

Last month, Thomas Bullock released his debut solo album, Odopt had a killer EP on Hivern Discs, Peter Bunzinelli launched his label with Puma & The Doplhin record and there were many more news.


Odopt – Sociopath [Hivern Discs]

Brutality and intelligence meet in this classic Odopt fashion, now on the Barcelona-based Hivern Discs imprint. Played ‘A49’ a couple of times and am super impressed with its effect on the crowd.


Benjamin Lew – Bamako Ou Ailleurs [Stroom]

Otherworldly music of Benjamin landed on Stroom for the second time. Contemplative and beautiful.


Tom Of England – Sex Monk Blues [LIES]

Thomas Bullock is one of the craziest producers of today and he’s finally back with a serious proper shit, a debut album. “Futuristic, classic, danceable, and yes, unclassifiable Sex Monk Blues is what’s going on”.


Gamma Intel – Automatic Illusion [Brokntoys]

Slow acid, breakbeat and electro in the new bangers only EP from the young Rotterdam-based producer.


Niños Indigo – Bimba [No Problemas Tapes]

An ephemeral and mysterious third album from the Chilean musician. Guitar, well-constructed percussion and angelic voice of Valeria make it a special listening experience.


Various Artists – Inkosi [12th Isle]

The first comp from the Glaswegian record label including a track from my friend Nikolaienko plus experimental bangers from Cru Servers and Grim Lusk.


Puma & The Dolphin – Primitive EP [Chambre Noir]

This Bulgarian producer appeared a couple of times on the classic Elsewhere compilation series by dj soFa and now he released his debut solo EP on a new label out of Montreal, run by Peter Bunzinelli. A sound jungle.


HOVE – In Motion [Lights Of Other Days]

Echoed guitar downtempo, field recordings of the good sunny days and crystal clear ambient in the new single from my dear friend HOVE.


Kreidler – Flood [Bureau B]

A new dynamic LP from the Düsseldorf four.


Various Artist – GOST ZVUK 5 YEARS [GOST ZVUK]

An epic anniversary compilation from the best Russian underground label


Texts Sasha Tessio

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