Music of November 2019

The next chart will be a yearly round-up so I shared faves from November plus December in this one: Bayetë launching their own label, new mind-blowing previously unreleased soundtrack on Shukai, Dea Barandana’s band album, Bufiman in full length format and many more 🙂


Various Artists – Native Dance 01 [Native Dance]

Three selectors from Paris sharing their finds on their Youtube channel, Bayetë, started their edits label with killer 4-tracker. Fresh saxy sounds of house and disco mixed and edited by the guys themselves plus Lipelis and Trujillo. Sure you heard these sounds in the mixes here and there during this year, so grab your copy, it’s finally official 🙂

Buy at Phonica

Volodymyr Bystriakov – Alice Through the Looking Glass, 1982 [Shukai]

Excited about this beautifully packaged release curated by my Kyiv friends: music for the animated television film ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, which has never been released before, it was recorded in 1981 and the film was broadcasted on Soviet television in 1982. Mind-blowing library music that you should listen.


Golden Ivy – Kläppen [Golden Ivy]

“Kläppen is an epic mellow experience for both the body and the mind. An almost family friendly record for the home stereo system, and yet quietly but daringly explorative of the avant-garde terrain”. A perfect sequel to ‘Monika’ from 2018.


Zatua – Sin Existencia [Second Circle]

Exciting news: here’s a debut album from Indonesian ultra digger Dea Barandana’s band, the seven tracker was recorded in Jakarta and Bali over two years and grew out of improvised live shows with a band Dea put together. ‘Hey Jaomal’ is my personal hit, dark, propulsive and intriguing.


Fantastic Man – DJ Mentality [Superconscious]

From chill to rave with Mic Newman.


Bufiman – Albumsi [Dekmantel]

“Welcome / to my galaxy / of snare drum samples / full of emotions” says Jan Schulte with his debut album. It’s powerful, full of turns and twists and a clear air forest feeling.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma – 19 Years Before The Beginning [Stroom]

“It’s remarkable how unique 19 gadi pirms sākuma’s music sounds. Seemingly disparate acoustic and synthetic sounds orchestrated into swooning, surreal songs. Elements of minimalism combined with synth pop and echoes of folk melodicism.”


Shina Williams – Shina Williams [MR BONGO]

“Shina Williams ‘Agboju Logun’ was a ground-breaking fusion of afrobeat, electronics, boogie and disco. First released on Phonodisk in 1979 as part of the ‘African Dances’ album, then in 1984 as an alternative version on Rough Trade’s Earthwork off-shoot, it has gone on to attain cult-like status. So it remains a bit of a mystery how so little has been documented about the follow-up…”


Venderstrooik – Espionage / Escarghotic [Bar Records]

Artem Ikra, a big fan of Venderstrooik, showed me this record back in September. A banger from Dutch masters.


Various Artists – shelTer [Müstesna Records]

This comp with the contributions of 25 artists willing to provide financial support for creating national and international awareness about the trans murders and trans suicides in Turkey, where has the highest trans murder rate in Europe. Includes new music from Tolouse Low Trax, Mekine U Teksi, Heap, As Longitude and many more.


Texts Sasha Tessio

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