Music of November 2018

Welcoming winter on the light note: I gathered lots of percussive stuff, jungle in HD, cozy masterpiece from Golden Ivy, celebratory Muscut compilation, crispy vibes on P&D and many more in the November chart.

Stallion’s Stud – STLLNSSTD [Artificial Dance]

Absolutely phenomenal debut of Hugo van Hejiningen (Red Light Radio co-founder) and Identified Patient. The sound of their new project, Stallion’s Stud, is piercing, cold and moving post-punk and industrial dance. Banger!

Various Artists – Midday Moon [bedroom suck records]

It’s super interesting to peek into the previously unknown musical territories in time and space. Rowan Mason from Sanpo Disco did a lot of work to pave the way in the ambient and experimental music scene in Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 1995. Each step/track of it was sourced from a rich variety of micro-labels, private pressings, theatre soundtracks and artists’ personal archives. Heavenly keys in Blair Greenberg’s ‘Beach’, somnolent choir in Mark Pollard’s ‘Quinque II’, fresh air in John Elder’s ‘Again’ create a unique picture of music created on these distant lands.

Black Merlin – Kosua [Island Of The Gods]

George Thompson is back on the Island Of The Gods to deliver his second album based on his field recordings and experience from the trip to Papua New Guinea. Kosua is the name of the tribe that he met on the expedition deep inside of Papua New Guinea, the Southern highlands. You can hear here the whole trip, from the apocalyptic intro in ‘Feeling Color’ and helicopter sounds in the pink-floydish ’Self Heat’ to traditional dance in ‘Chief Sigalo Bao Dance’ and gigantic pictures of the Mount Bosavi crater in ‘Standing At The Summit Of Bosavi’. Feel it.

Golden Ivy – Monika [Self-Released]

It is, probably, my fave album this month. It fits to look through the window on the blue evening winter landscape, with the lights turned off. Monotonous mechanic base with violin, flute and some physical sounds on top. Simon Eliasson described its tone perfectly: “it captures the melancholy, isolation and beauty of being alone with nature, and of being home in oneself.

Lamusa II – Vago Libero [Gravity Graffiti]

Industrial Barocco and polyrhytmic experimentalism in the second album of Giampaolo Scapigliati. The music here has roots in library and electronic jazz. It’s intelligent, outlandish and spacey. Sophisticated album from one of the most interesting musicians around.

Jean-Pierre Boistel, Tony Kenneybrew – Percussions Pour La Danse [Left Ear]

An essential reissue of the unique collaboration between contemporary-dance instructor Tony Kennybrew and French musician Jean-Pierre Boistel. In the late 80’s, Jean-Pierre returned from West Africa where he refined his craft and met a Washington native, Tony, who had studied, taught and danced professionally since the age of 12. So the music was created for Tony to use when teaching contemporary jazz-dance classes and to accompany live performance, allowing students to “dance slowly, rapidly and change speeds without changing the tempo!”. The result is light and beautiful, the mastered sound is superior.

Philip Sanderson – One Of These Bends [Seance Centre]

Ghostly compilation of unreleased songs, soundtrack work and obscure cassette-only pieces from the 80’s by Philip Saunderson, who started making short experimental 8mm films in 1981, after four years of DIY electronics. Tracks accompanied different projects so the mood and styles are very different: spoken word, experimental synth, gothic ambient and curious electronics. Moody and impossible to ignore.

Various Artists – Test Pressing II [Muscut]

Ukrainian label Muscut celebrates its anniversary and this is its tenth record. Both sides are significantly different. A-side starts with dub-drone sketches of key figures of the Odessa underground – Wildstyle Crew (Gennadiy Boychenko) and Bryozone. Then we hear the mantra-like ‘M2’, the work of Nicola Ratti, Mads Emil Nielsen and Nikolaienko. The A-side is closed by Andrew Pekler and his ‘Underwater Nocturne’, a soundtrack for the perfect tea ceremony. The B-side confidently sets a completely different rhythm from the very start – the tribal dance from the Berlin project Native Instrument. It is followed by a warm, enveloping minimal synth track from the Ukrainian trio Nisantashi Primary School. The middle of the second side is decorated with the pensive house-ballad of St. Petersburg producer Fadeev (Flaty) as AEM Rhythm Cascade. The final composition consists of burning afrosynth motifs from luminary Vakula. (Words Artem Ikra)

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Mari Sekine – Beginning [EM Records]

‘Beginning’ is one of the most uplifting tracks I heard this year. It’s a solo debut by Japanese percussionist Mari Sekine. More than 15 percussive instruments used, the scenery is very moving and live. Check also the more hypnotic take on original from our beloved Lena Willikens.

CRAVE – LOCO [Mind Records]

The new creaking single from Jonathan Zion, most of these tracks he used in the podcast for us earlier this year. Make some noise 🤟

P Relief – Idlehour [P&D Records]

Airy vibes from Suzanne Kraft companion at P&D, P Relief. Side A catapults everything in the ‘club’ mode, while the B-side is weirder: breezy backgrounds are punctuated here by extra crisp beats.

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Various Artists – 3AM Spares [Efficient Space]

This month Michael Kucyk said goodbye to his Noise In My Head radioshow but promised to pay an extra attention devoted to Efficient Space. So he released the sequel of ‘Midnite Spares’ saga: this chapter is called ‘3AM Spares’ and selected by Andras and Instant Peterson again, “encompassing the darker sounds and later nights of the 1990s and beyond”. The intelligent club music with lots of stories behind each included record, read ‘em all here.

Khidja & Balabas – Khidja Si Balabas [Malka Tuti]

Malka Tuti closing 2018 with the finest Khidja production to date. Music voyages instead of strict dancefloor killers. Intense and ambitious work combines crazy rhythms, guitars, synth escapades, strange moods and frightening vocals.

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Words Sasha Tessio

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