Music of May 2019

Many long-awaited things come out last month, like the second chapter of Outro Tempo, Benjamin Lew on Stroom, the next comp on Banned In Vegas, new Snaker and many more great stuff!


Various Artists – Series One Compilation Vol.2 [Banned In Vegas]

My fave comp from Banned In Vegas homies. This label cultivates its own artists and their collective sound feels special: experimental, edgy and emotional.


Sebastian Gandera – Contre-Sens [Efficient Space]

Following ‘Le Raccourci”, Julien Dechery compiled this diptych collage from various albums and demo tapes of Sebastian Gandera, ‘Contre-Sens’ focused on his earliest works. “Tender passages disrupted by moments of lunacy”


Weird Dust – Tribes 1.1 [Crevette Records]

“The six-track EP reflect an eclectic taste in hardware, melding organic and heavily processed sounds into a sort of musical retro-futurism. The percussion distinguishes itself, simultaneously free-form and mathematical, and certain to make you dance. Up close, ‘Tribes’ gestures at something alien, like going back to the jungle, but on another planet. This is what the future was like”


Benjamin Lew – Le personnage principal est un peuple isolé [Stroom]

In Ziggy’s words, why he wanted to release music of Benjamin:
“a) his music is unreal and did so much good on a personal level when things were not always ok, personally.
b) his music acted as glue between most of the day 1 Stroom radio people
c) Jan Van den Broeke wrote a song about him “A la recherche de B.L.” that was featured on STRLP-005.
d) he is a great guy!”
Don’t want to rewrite the liner notes from the album, just read stories about this unique musician and human being here.


Various Artists – Outro Tempo II – Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1984-1996
[Music From Memory]

The second chapter of a super influential compilation of Brazilian music by John Gomez, shedding light on a new wave of experimentalism, music that looked to the future for inspiration. Here, the avant-garde and pop worlds meld in a haze of percussion and electronics.


Raymonde – Ce qui est en bas, est comme ce qui est en haut; et ce qui est en haut, est comme ce qui est en bas [Vlek]

Mega album on Vlek, from Thibaut de Raymond aka Raymonde, Lyon-based polyrhythmic maniac. “The machine becomes the bird, and idealized folklore and tradition are still around, transformed into its current form, that of a 21st-century generation”


Prins Emanuel – Okända Skäl / Ensamma Stunder [Nose Job]

Fasaan boss delivers the second 7″ on Rick Shiver label. The sound of friction of two stones with flanger effect on top – this is an impression from the first track. The music here is aloof, strange and magnetic


Garland – #2 [Lullabies For Insomniacs]

Phillip Jondo and Simon Weins invite the listener to delve deeper into their exploration of time, space, texture and form on their second album as Garland.


Various Artists – The Sound Of Love International 002 [Love International]

A summer comp from the big boys.


Jex Opolis – Earth Boy [Dekmantel]

Good Timin’ boss guests on the Amsterdam label ahead of his debut at the festival this August. Reportedly, this EP was played by Harvey in Japan before release, so it’s gonna be a big hit!


Eirwud Mudwasser – Snaker 010 [Snaker]

Japanese label, curated by 5ive, strikes back with Balearic don Eirwud. Vintage house, crazy samples, lots of percussions. It’s no usual Snaker library music compilation but a collection of very cool unheard productions from Eirwud Mudwasser.


People Plus – Third Space [Mood Hut]

Trip-hop, downtempo, and jazz in the new Mood Hut by People Plus (Joli B & CZW)


Mekîne û Teksî – Steppenroboters Polyvisionen [Highlife]

Salon des Amateurs regulars, Mekîne Û Teksî bring Postanatolian hypnotism to Highlife


Various Artists – Elsewhere LVI [Emotional Response]

Dj soFa presents his fourth comp with familiar names and new exciting music. Puma & The Dolphin, Bolva and Lamusa II are among highlights.


Words Sasha Tessio

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