Music of March 2019

New label of Benedikt Frey, instant classic on Animals Dancing, lots of trance music, come-back of Crown Ruler and more music you need to hear from last month.


The Pilotwings – Psytube [Animals Dancing]

Mind-blowing trip from Lyon duo on my beloved Australian label. Rich sound palette, trance rhythms, nostalgic 90s incrustation and super creative twists and turns in the music make this record an instant classic.


ANF – Mauna Kea [Pacific Rhythm]

“Rich, space-age techno to take your dance floor somewhere in the past that feels like the future”: Pacific Rhythm is back with a new hit from ANF, the duo of Dust-e-1 and Priori. Perfect breakbeat vibes curing your aftehours hangover.


Aaron Bromfield – Boomerang [Crown Ruler]

Crown Ruler returns with its second story: recorded in 1979 but never released first cut from Aaron Broomfield under his own name (he was a leader at Broomfield Corporate Jam who attempted to plot a solo career). “Head to side A for the “test press” version, a cosmic, starry-eyed chunk of elastic Miami disco-funk where the Broomfield family’s killer instrumentation – all rubbery bass, deep space synths and crunchy Clavinet motifs – arcs around the sound space like a boomerang in flight. The vocal arrangement, in which Aaron Broomfield’s conscious lyrics come through loud and clear, brings it home. On the flipside, you’ll hear how dynamic the band was through the “Demo Version” – a relaxed, loose and spacey groover that sounds as ahead of its time in 2018 as it would have when it was recorded in 1979”.


Vector Trancer – Opening The Inner Gates 1 [Mirror Zone]

“Next thread drawn from the Mirror Zone, this one built by Vector Trancer. Our plate reads panoptic; dark dub and ambient loaded with psychoactive EBM. See further; MSB’s vital experiments powered by half-speed Beat Box; distant Objets D’Art channelling through Namlook’s Fax; pared down FSoL at the hands of Autocreation. Celestial fringe echoes, viridis mantra, and guttural/ceremony trudge.”


Guerilla Welfare – The Nature Of Human Nature [Musique Plastique]

“The Nature of Human Nature captures Guerilla Welfare’s most formidable output, compiling tracks selected from their entire discography (two LPs and a cassette collaboration with poet Mary Howes), all originally self-released from 1986 to 1991. Politico dub-collage practitioners Guerilla Welfare adopted the “studio as instrument” mindset of Eno and King Tubby creating complex textural and polyrhythmic sonic insurgencies. They overdubbed drum computers, guitar, bass, noise-makers, mallet percussion, sitars, often accompanied by sampled vocals and found sound taken from TV. Their pan-global, multi-media palette supported zeitgeist commentary — often, with a healthy dose of gallows humour — on gender, power structures, and sexual and geopolitical tensions in the late 80s”



General PDC – Amazon Dub [Notte Brigante]

This lovely 10″ was out on a Lyon-based crew label Notte Brigante curated by HLM38. It’s also him behind General PDC moniker exploring diverse and forward thinking dub music. Beesmunt Soundsystem on remix duties adds movement and turns the ‘Amazon Dub’ into intergalactic banger with flashing hi-hats and chopped vocals.


Keys – Voltage [R.i.O.]

“Keys are Benedikt Frey and Chris Cox, the front and rear covers of a lucid narrative of an incomprehensible nature. Substance induced Hara-kiri, a human consciousness leaving it’s temporary and insignificant vessel, a motorcycle ride through the sands of a desolate Martian desert or a twisted eternity dissolved inside Pandora’s Box. These are just a few of the scenes effortlessly evoked by the epic yet somehow erotic omnibus of slow-motion electronica that is Voltage.”


Volition Immanent – Photosynthetic [Mind Records]

Mind Records strikes back with their brutal modern output. Volition Immanent tears down the walls with their machine beat and Terminator-like atmospheric melodies in ‘Whiteboy’. ‘Photosynthetic’ on the flipside, a crazy synth-driven EBM, was recorded live at De School.


Anna Funk Damage – Here Right Now [Mind Records]

“Italian producer Andrea Natale lands the debut iteration of his new project, Anna Funk Damage, which finds him engineering a playfully deviant assemblage of steely industrial percusiveness and gritty post-Freudian / libido-filled machine talk.”


Various Artists – safe needing attention [SPA]

Philip Jondo, DJ brom and Friday Dunard launched a new label with a mysterious compilation of modern music of all sorts. Trippy beats, guitar ambient, bassy bangers and electro acoustic experimentalism.


Words Sasha Tessio

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