Music of March 2018

It’s the first month of spring and 9 records in top. A come back of Moscow stalwart Lipelis, a debut from Dusseldorf supergroup Phaserboys, 5 years of Public Possession, multi-artist comp from Jamie Tiller & Raphael Top-Secret, an album from the everyone’s favorite live act Volition Immanent, reissue of Basso’s favourite German ‘Fusion not Fusion’ Jazz album and good news from Sweden: new label from Prins Emanuel, Danza & co and the first album on West Coast Recordings.

Phaserboys – Phaserboys EP 12” [aiwo rec.]


Disco Divina meets German Angst Wave. Candomblé posse landed in aiwo rec eclectic harbor. Aki Aki and Rasputin, the duo of super talented youngsters from Dusseldorf, didn’t meet yesterday. Last year, we heard the impressive result of their collaboration, Kit Plavaet V Okeane, on the debut compilation of their own label, candomblé. This month, boys put Phaserboys masks on and released a highly anticipated full-length EP. Detailed leisurely beats, live sounded fat bass, magic keys and lots of small details shining here and there: ICE opens the EP with confidence. Vibrant scratches and synths in high definition. Boogie Including No Information. Phase Energie raises the speed and rates, slamming break-cadabra-beat. So you need some fresh air in the end: mutant drum-n-bass and acid is the perfect match. Phaserboys brought lots of curiosities for the dancefloors worldwide.


Lipelis – I Only Did These For Myself But Now It’s For Everyone 12” [Animals Dancing]


Well-known Australian bears are dancing again! This time to a killer EP from Moscow brother Lipelis who is back this year with a bunch of long-awaited releases. On the A-side, the choice of likes Jamie Tiller, Palms Trax and Tim Sweeney, Children Song, the house number with playful melody and children chanting something illegible. Maybe Palms Trax and company didn’t get the full promo, but our favorite is on the flipside, Video Track: slamming breakbeats and bass, Kalimba melody and African vocals samples. It’s pumping and the vocal lines reminding me Salif Keita – Madan. This record reflects the nature of Leonid, a positive one and ready for the big things to happen.


Low Jack – Riddims du Lieu-dit LP [Les Disques De La Bretagne]


An extravagant label Editions Gravats hit our radar recently after Phillip Jondo started his Dekmantel mix from Black Zone Myth Chant record. One of the Gravats founders, Low Jack, just started its sublabel with Riddims du Lieu-dit, the re-workings of tracks previously released on the Glacial Dancehall tape. It’s a collection of dub-flavored rhythms, mutant sketches in the form of library record. Classic reggae motives, a battery of kick drums, echoing hi-hats, shimmering synth lines and bass create the tension and battle spirit.

Buy it on Boomkat.

Wolfram – Automatic Dub 12” [Public Possession]


Public Possession boys celebrating the 5th birthday this year and starts it from the groovy Wolfram EP already actively supported by Hunee. The original track is a purified Italo disco with dramatic synthesizers and unstoppable rhythm, the melody and the whole track already feel classic and familiar. Samo DJ & Alexi3d done their remix job ingeniously added vocals, threw the melody and dipped the whole track into an acid bath. Super effective music.


Volition Immanent – Volition Immanent LP [Mind Records]


Everyone’s favorite live act is here with the debut album. The duo of two hardcore, Mark van de Maat and Parrish Smith, touring a lot recently, we also witnessed their thundering live a year ago. Pure endorphins and testosterone. Cruel chords and pneumatic drums. The music of Volition Immanent is simple at first sight, but very compact, effective and very interesting to follow. There’s a huge splash of energy: brutal, powerful, extreme music.


Señora – Señora LP [Growing Bin]


It’s a reissue of Basso‘s “favourite German ‘Fusion not Fusion’ Jazz album”. Its cover is also his current profile pic on Facebook. And you can understand why this album is so adored by one of the coolest diggers on the planet, just listen it. For me it’s like a marvel, like a dream of you opening the box that was sealed for decades, and there’s even the smell of different time inside. It doesn’t mean the music is outdated, no, it’s out of time. In my head, it awakens the images of the idealized 80s like VHS image quality, over-optimistic commercials, flying above the New York skyline, woman with crazy hairstyle in some TV series. Señora was a German quartet (bass, drums, piano, guitar) privately released the only one, self-titled, album in 1981. You can describe this brilliantly named album only with words you could say also about a lady – gorgeous, charming and inspiring.

Buy it on Growing Bin or on Juno:


Various Artists – Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 [Music From Memory]


Do you remember the times when the Testpressing website was not optimized for mobile and most of us didn’t know the ambient tracks in Jamie’s “Better Days” mix were actually by Gigi Masin? So it’s a first time, after loads of enigmatic mixes, starting Music From Memory and heavy touring last couple of years, Jamie Tiller’s one of the curators of the multi-artist compilation alongside Parisian record specialist Raphael Top-Secret. It’s all about the duo’s hunger for eccentricity and authenticity in music. 20 tracks of unusual pop music. Lots of dancefloor classics you can hear from the duo DJing. The essence of Uneven Paths is perfectly described in press release note: “This is music with one foot in the avant-garde and another foot firmly rooted within the sensibilities of Pop; where Jazz musicians detour into Synth-Pop, Punk bands break into Boogie jams, and student doctors jam out on odd melodies with synthesizers and drum machines during their night shifts”

Buy it on MFM website or on Bandcamp:


OK! – The Orust Tapes LP [West Coast]


Good news from our good friend Kaine from Gothenburg. He just released the first album of OK! aka Oktoberklubben, the trio of André Laos, Edvin Edvinsson and Francisco Ramirez Franzen, on the West Coast Recordings (Gothenburg is located in this part of Sweden, it’s where from the name came). The Orust Tapes consists of improvisations recorded in the studio in July 2017. The result is a rich, elegant take on deep house and disco. Side A has real groovers, a combination of slow tempo and bass with warm synths. Side B opens with more cinematic, more Atelje-ish vibes, cicadas and guitars in Hagadosen put you into the late summer night hammock session. Track called Stigfjorden is a perfect sound bed for some cool ad or startup presentation, it sounds fresh and fun. Music for having a good time.

Buy it on Tictail.

Stefan Fredin – Gryning 12″ [Fri Form]


Our Swedish friends, including Prins Emanuel and Filip, launched a new label with a beautiful 12” of Stefan Fredin. The musician was a part of Trettioåriga Kriget, progressive rock band, until 1981, then he was focused on his solo work. Under the name of Fredin Comp he released one album in 1983 on Planet Records with the help of Olle Thörnvall who wrote lyrics. The centerpiece of that album, track called Gryning, is a headliner of the current reissue on Fri Form. Beautiful calm synth waves, drum machine and the lyrics about the early sunlight over Stockholm. The original track is paired here with its instrumental version and previously unreleased I Klockornas Tid, another melodramatic ballad with guitars, warm keys and galloping beats.

Buy it on Bigcartel.

Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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