Music of June 2018

River Yarra – Lucky Boy 12” [Antinote]


Talented and ambitious debut here. The boy from Australia just killed us with the sophistication of his production and ideas he shares there. Saw also Zaltan dropping ‘Sli Ggogg’ on some party during his Australian tour, it was massive. It’s sonic, it’s massive and it’s inspiring. ‘Aorsom Wislhs’ gives a first breathe to the record, its human-like voices mutated into a pipe and create a special atmosphere. ‘Respiration Alterne e Avec Elen Huynh’ gives even more variations to the mixture of leftfield house, disco rhythms, organic samples and mechanical odd sounds cutting the track from left to right and vice versa. But the orgasmic drums in ‘Sli GGogg’ made me stop and listen it closer, the pattern of percussion here is so complex and curious, it’s made by the man with open ears and cool ideas, the exotic melody is mixed with human voices and it’s magic. ‘Space Gekko’ is untying horses and galloping into the controlled rave. Fresh and clever record!


ADSX With Hanoben – Phone Sex 12” [Discos Capablanca]


An essential piece of vinyl. Check also the list of legendary figures taking part in it. ADSX, aka Andre Fischer, making music since the 80s from Frankfurt to Brooklyn, producing Carlos Peron and more. Benji DF aka Hanoben deejayed in clubs like Tresor or Snax in the late 90s. Discos Capablanca staple Sharif Laffrey, the acid professor from Detroit, on remix duties. Plus Alan Oldham aka UR’s Minister of Information aka DJ T-1000, who designed for labels like Transmat, Djax, Submerge, Pure Sonik, created artwork which was then reinterpreted by Hugo Capablanca. Dirty lo-fi backgrounds, ghostly melodies, acid lines getting focus, cuttings of vocals and mind-blowing mutation of Scream by unstoppable Sharif. Legendary stuff.


Jason Kolar – Modified Perspectives LP [Stroom]


In the accompanying text, Ziggy told us that he “decided to compile and release [also] records by contemporary pals”. So “the first “new” release” on Stroom coming from the Barcelona-based Jason Kòlar (the moniker of Cristian Subirà). The opening ‘Clairvoyance’ sets the tone and the dimensions of space. It’s not an easy listening ambient music, the music for a background but pure emotions expressed in sound. It grows organically and breathes as the human. ‘Corners’ is a mesmerizing ballad without lyrics and beat but its shimmering keys can steal your heart. The whole record sounds like the sky full of strange objects of glass reflective and refractive the light. It’s strange and beautiful.


Waak Waak Djungi – Waak Waak Ga Min Min LP [Efficient Space]


Here’s a special project on Michael Kucyk‘s label, he excavated in the 3RRR FM library and compiled with Andras the music of Waak Waak Djungi. It was a collaboration between the composer Peter Mumme and three Yolngu songmen from Northeast Arnhem Land – Bobby Bunnungurr, Jimmy Djamunba and Peter Milaynga (d. 2007). The result “was sonically unique – sprawling vocal/electronic soundscapes and field recordings that reimagine the traditional songs of black crows and white cockatoos, sharing, creation spirits and of leaving and returning home to the country”. It’s haunting and mysterious. The voices drawing huge landscapes of Australia 20 years ago, that we’ll never see. There’s definitely a spirit of the music of the 90s: it’s pure and dreamy. ‘White Cockatoo’ is clear as a glass of water. It’s a “captivating window to the richness of the world’s oldest continuous living culture”.


Various Artists – The Sound Of Love International 001 (Compiled by Gatto Fritto) [Love International]


Well-known summer music festival starts the series of compilations with guests selected in a company with Test Pressing website. So the first DJ they choose is Gatto Fritto aka Ben Williams, a producer (with releases on Dissident and International Feel) and crazy digger who also worked in the finest record shops in Berlin and London. His selection definitely has dub and vintage house flavor. The longtime Ben’s favorite Sonny Okosun crazy jam is here. Joe Ariwa echoing his beats to an extreme in ‘King Moses’ played on the wrong speed. Classic druggy ‘Airplane’ by Pilgrims Of The Mind doing their job fine returning unseen images of the 90s and its spirit. There’s also another dancefloor mutant that you heard someone playing, Ambient Dub of Code’s ‘Parsifal’. Sandoz rushing his ‘Dark Continent’ in the ecstatic speed. Gatto Fritto closing comp with very special dub experimental dub tracks. Solid record.


Caffeine – Universal Theme 12” [Third Try]


Third Try is a label curated by Victor Willaert from Paris. He caught our attention with the promo of Caffeine EP. Btw, the original ‘Universal Theme’ sounded huge on Zukunft’ sound system back in May, thank you Victor! Cosmic wind and crispy beats. Universal Theme creates such a pleasurable tension, its rhythm hypnotizes and the melody moves. On the flipside we can find a fantastic rework from Roza Terenzi who organized the parts of ‘Aqnoziu’ in the perfect order, there are enough space to breathe and hi-hats on 2:55 just create an orgasmic effect. Top work!


Geins’t Nait & Laurent Petitgand – Make Dogs Sing 2xLP [Offen Music]


One of the most psychedelic and mysterious releases on Vladimir Ivkovic’ imprint. French group releasing music since 1986. Make Doge Sing is a collection of new, previously unreleased tracks. ’Rain’ opens the record on a dramatic note recalling the tone of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‘Sunset Mission’ album. Greyscaled vocals, limping guitar samples and deaf beat warning you. Ghosts walking and passing by, sounds of flutes wandering in the foggy Bermuda Triangle of melodies, the toys from your childhood laying on the dusty floor. ‘Souris’ starts street riots with the Molotov cocktail. Mechanic piano starts playing in the old wooden house abandoned for a million years in the ‘Fairies Song’. Phantasmagoric music.


Various Artists – Series One Compilation Cassette [Banned In Vegas]


The young label Banned In Vegas moved from Barcelona to German lands and this comp was recorded between Berlin and Leipzig. Right from the start, the opening track by Al Pagoda caught our attention: reflective ballad dancing in slow motion through the future memories about dogs and girls and stuff. This voice of the narrator on tape gives a really warm feeling. The second track (by Bataille) starts its move as the roller skater from the ‘Subway’ movie, funky guitar and straight beat keeps the rhythm. Airaboi uses night keys in ‘Hedonism Isolation’, its relaxed pace gives you some fresh air through the open top of your convertible. Blume Attempt closing the cassette with a live take of a slow burner. Subscribe to Banned Vegas on Soundcloud to don’t miss their talented output in the future.


Special Delivery Vol. 4 – A Collection of Dysfunctional Edits by CV 2xLP [Edit Service]


I’m A Cliche boss, Cosmo Vitelli, is back with a massive bunch of edits (or with a bunch of massive edits). Some are dancefloor bangers, some are curiosities. Vibes from France, Germany, Brasil and other parts of the world. ‘Fish Liquor’, for example, is an edit of a German synth wave tune from a limited run cassette released in the 80’s, electronic, straight and punchy. ‘Spanish Codeine’ is a slowed Eurodance record in a fashion of Vladimir Ivkovic, massive acid chugger. There are also some downtempo edits based on French originals like ‘Canaille Bleu’ (used the dialog and live instruments from some film soundtrack), ‘Porte Doree’ (rare post-hippy art rock record from the 70s) or Racines Incertaines (disco funk tune from 70s). Yummy compilation.


Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba