Music of July 2019

Just jams: reassembled Russian pop and disco classics “Jingo” plus new Candomble, Wilson Tanner and more!

TATA TOTO – fuck [Association Fatale]

DJ Belec started his own label with this 3-minute long single in the form of postcard. Love the message in the music, just listen to it!


Шакке (Schacke) – Клуб Навсегда EP [Клуб]

Retro-future bangers with killer Russian pop samples.


Aki Aki – Dishjockey [Candomble]

An aperitif, local products, puree, caramelized onion and fresh chili in the culinary masterpiece from Aki The Chef


Wilson Tanner – II [Efficient Space]

The duo loaded a 1950s riverboat with lots of weatherproof electronic instruments and took and began a voyage. Salty and mature music.


Andras – Boom Boom [Public Possession]

Disco classics reassembled with crispy sounds and pure summer rave hits in the solo work of Andras. He’s back!


Cemetery – HYPER+LAND [Mind Records]

Stadium sounds


Shakti – Verboden Dromen [Stroom]

Marvelous how this band combines dark Western disco with Eastern instruments and traditions. Dancing with your eyes closed.


Young Marco – Bahasa [Island Of The Gods]

5 years ago, Marco visited Indonesia and collaborated with local musicians and nature itself.


Le Chocolat Noir – Crna Ruža [She Lost Control]

“Unchaste vocals on brash basslines and slicing snares are melted with acid sounds and thumping beats”


Words Sasha Tessio

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