Music of July 2018


Parrish Smith – Sex Suicide & Speed Metal EP [Dekmantel]

Powerful sounds from Parrish Smith won our hearts earlier with his band Volition Immanent, so very excited to hear his new solo record as well. Ultra-slow powerful industrial beat opens this EP, screaming guitar adds more tension and drama. ‘Fall Into Sin’ cuts everything into halves with its lasers, beat changes injecting endorphins straight into the brain. ‘Mute’ is my personal fave, impulsive EBM with detached vocals and loads of energy. ‘Skins’ is a duo of rhythm machine and acid tuned right but working on its own. Honest brutalism and masculinity.



Poison – Poison [Super Utu]

Last month triumphant River Yarra launches his own label Super Utu with the roaring single from Poison, the collaborative project of producers DJ Plead and T.Morimoto. Tense music with familiar sounding Arabian melodies, polyrhythmic structures, howling sirens and hard beats. Both producers share obvious love to percussion and bring some recognizable elements from their backgrounds to the common story.



Khotin – Beautiful You Cassette [Self-Released]

One of our fave Canadian producers is back with another soundtrack for the summer chill. Melting synths lines with field recordings from the garden on the background feel familiar but sound fresh. Melodies on top of the trancey ambient evoke some ideas popping in your head. Vintage beats in ‘Alla’s Scans’ framing little sunny dance. ‘Vacation’ catapults the whole situation to the interplanetary space station where you can see the Earth as a small blue dot in the porthole. ‘Merged Host’ reminds ‘New Tab’ finest moments with dialogues between answerphone machines. The whole album is better than a dream.



Various Artists – That’s A Steal! #3 12” [That’s A Steal]

Lenya brings his re-edit label back to life, its third compilation is just out and it’s full of curiosities from Lipelis friends. The man also played it everywhere earlier this summer during his EU tour, from the Lente Kabinet euphoric set to the banging NTS Radio session. Under the Beard In Dust moniker, Lenya reworks the-80s Bollywood disco gem with Arsenii, and you just can’t run from its ‘Hey Hey’ motif. Another banger from India is turned into slow groover by Arsenii solo. Sputnik opens the B-side with the combat disco equipped with drum machines and synths. Bollywood theme closing the record in Guido Minisky’s ‘The Villain Edit’.



Pablo’s Eye – Bardo For Pablo [Stroom]

It’s the middle of summer and Nosedrip opens the ’Tribal’ chapter in the Pablo’s Eye trilogy (btw the first part was included in our April’s picks). ‘Bardo’ means a state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth, it’s an intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth. Music created by Axel Libeert here is also somewhere between the dream and dance: trancey enough to keep the sleeping process and percussive as much as needed to move your body in it.



Patricia Kokett – Diabel [Knekelhuis]

Knekelhuis mastermind, Mark Van De Maat, put out another joker from his endless sleeve. Patricia Kokett delivers the perfect mix of singing machines strung on the pneumatic beat. There are a lot of curious sounds and sound design choices to keep the vibe during these extended rhythmic experiments. And there’s no reason to interrupt the trip.



Duckett – Emperor’s New Clothes Part 1 [Berceuse Heroique]

Fantastic Berceuse Heroique is about to celebrate its five years and 50 releases but keeps experimenting. One more example of it is Duckett 12”, the producer who started his career in the early 2000s on the minimal and tech-house scene in the UK. Very melodically rich and deep record. Micro samba in ‘Rights’ turning into chaotic beatless tribal ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’. ‘Tension’ is a strange game of your mind, while ‘Millions & Millions Of Palestinions’ continues this game and dances on your heart. Distant vocals in ‘Who Am I’ reminds of Moby or Enigma, the euphoric feeling remains.



Skyrager – Magic Wand Special Editions Vol 1 12” [Magic Wand]

Danny McLewin launches new label Magic Wand Special Editions with his own edits under the Skyrager moniker. ‘Dream Merchant’ opens this remarkable record with sort of ‘Autobahn’ vibe, sunny uplifting synthetic rock. ‘Hawaiian Love Song’ gently continues, a tender combination of soft-rock and soul, shining star in the night. ‘Magik Mountain’ is my absolute favorite here, sweet reggae vibes and disco keys: “It’s so peaceful on the mountain”!



Bear Bones, Lay Low & Don’t DJ – Plafond 3 [Bakk]

Shamanic vibes and trance-inducing exercises.


krossfingers-records-july-2018-Francis Inferno Orchestra-02

Francis Inferno Orchestra – Hygiene 12” [Superconscious]

“Do you believe in ecstasy?” It’s the first record on Superconscious this year, and one of its owners is also back after some break. In the title track, Griffin blows some fresh air into dreamy house genre with his breakbeats and paradise atmosphere. ‘Mongrel’ is a twisted primordial beat, peppered with vocals and echoed tambourines. ‘My Everlasting Rhythmo’ version of the original track, more dry and functional. Save the flora and fauna around you!



DJ Oil – Bref Avenir [Les Disques De La Mort]

Added last minute to the chart. Brilliant dance album from DJ Oil on Ivan Smagghe label.


Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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