Music of January 2019

Kicking off the review section in 2019 with phenomenal Lipelis, lots of goodies from Belgium, Ukrainian cold landscapes, robot arpeggios and more.

Lipelis – Bordeaux Lovin [Public Possession]

Leonid, this musical wizard, crystallized his sense of melody and rhythm in the hit single. This music is as powerful as its author’s persona. Anthemic house, recognizable Leo’s drums and luxurious piano will make you cry from joy wherever you’re dancing.

Krikor – Building Arnold Schwarzenegger

An awesome soundtrack from Krikor for the documentary of the same name. “Retro Futuristic Waves, some cold boogie, some creamy pads, some hell raised robot arpeggios, it’s all there”.

Ihor Okuniev – Roots [Rassvet]

A meditative musical ode to Ukrainian landscapes. ‘Roots’ is a debut album by Kyiv-based multimedia artist Ihor Okuniev who is fascinated with his motherland’s nature, customs and traditions.

Basses Terres – Naked Light [Brothers From Different Mothers]

A complex 6-track from the mysterious French producer. Slow, funky, broken. It’s like a tripping under mushrooms in the open space.

Various Artists – Elsewhere CDXLIV [Crevette]

DJ soFa continues his neverending research of a modern curious beat and shares the third installment of his ‘Elsewhere’ compilation with new and familiar faces in the tracklist.

G.S. Schray – First Appearance [Last Resort]

Deep romantic record. “There is a nostalgic component to this music to be sure, with echoes of Vini Reilly and The Blue Nile in the periphery, as well as forgotten 80’s studio projects where the engineer decided it was important to elide the highs and lows to make a more comfortable space in the middle.” (a quote from Alex Cobb press release)

Lucas Croon – Ascona [Themes Of Great Cities]

A year ago, Arne “Rearview Radio” closed his podcast with this record. Distinct and clean sound, comfort house and frisky downtempo makes this record a standout in the Themes Of Great Cities’ catalog.

Rick Shiver – Chili [Nose Job]

One of the finest Belgian selectors debuts with this classy 7″ on his own label. A minimal electronic dance suite. Love the melodic A-side for its spiciness and drama.

Konakov – Yellow Vinyls

My friend finally closed this “yellow” chapter in his discography and can’t wait to see him opening a new one.

Victor de Roo – Nachtdichter [Knekelhuis]

A poet of the night.

Texts Sasha Tessio