Music of August 2019

Closing the summer on a calm and beautiful note with music from Smiling C, Airaboi, Public Possession pals, Spacetalk diggers and more.


Various Artists – Chill Pill [Public Possession]

Luxury delicacies in a new comp from Public Possession gang. It is “inspired by the original Balearic and chillout sound, as well as the natural beauty, of Ibiza”. Unreleased music from Suzanne Kraft, Bell Towers, Møzaika and more inside. Saying goodbye to the summer of 2019 on a calm and beautiful note.


F.J. – That’s The Way [Smiling C]

“Magical deep bass sound and new jack style drum programming” in a compilation of Fritz Bootle, Jr. (F.J.) work while he was living on the Grand Bahama island in the early 90’s. Juicy and colourful RNB and reggae recorded in the legendary studio on Freeport, G.B.I. Recordings, run by Frank Penn.


Jake Hottell – Break The Chains [Spacetalk]

Thanks to Jeremy Spellacey and Danny McLewin for hunting out this gem from 1985. Nashville-based producer recorded this set of tracks in a period of three years, “inspired by his opposition to fracking, anger at government corruption and a series of profound spiritual experiences”. Unique blend of “gentle drum machine rhythms and dreamy synthesizer motifs with his own glistening guitar passages, which sit somewhere between the homespun riffs of country music and the classical guitar solos that have long been a sonic staple of Spanish styles such as Flamenco”


Furious Frank ft Ivy Barkakati – Ahora Si [Butter Sessions]

D. Tiffany remix launches you into space on a hovercraft of “sub-heavy bass drops, hi-tek rhythms, euphoric vocal slithers and more stingin’ acidic vibes”.


Akio Nagase – Like A Acid House [Chill Mountain Rec]

Super fun mix of Oriental flavors and classic Roland toys.


Dazion – A Bridge Between Lovers [Second Circle]

Clear synths, acid notes over the Portugese vocals and magic melodies opens new record by Dutch multi-instrumentalist on Music From Memory sub-label. It’s Dazion’s “musical message of love to everyone”.


MR TC & Lo Kindre – PHASE001 [Phase Group]

Sweet dark pulsating sounds in the record launching new label from two Glaswegians, MR TC & Lo Kindre.


Various Artists – Ritual Rhythms (of the Obscure Mediterranean Souls) [Modern Obscure Music]

Intriguing comp from experimental dance label based between Barcelona & Amsterdam including a track from my fave Banned In Vegas’ Airaboi.


Texts Sasha Tessio

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