Music of April 2019

An unreleased Soviet soundtrack from 1967, pumping house on Low Budget Family, new epic Karamika, innovative sounds from Ukraine and more in the fresh chart.

Patrick Michaud – Synthetiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss [Delodio]

An exciting compilation of unreleased work of Patrick Michaud recorded at his home studio (thanks to his mom for equipping it) between 1988 and 1992. A soundtrack to the 80s TV show or imaginary movies where the hero dramatically dies in the end. Patrick’s recreation of his beloved music of Jean-Michel Jarre. “Generic John Carpenter, 8-bit melodramas, the anticipation of what will later be the success of Boards of Canada, everything is there, delivered late in a beautiful gift package”


Victor Vlasov – The Air Seller [Shukai]

My beloved friends Nikolaienko and Prutkin launching Muscut-sublabel called Shukai (it means “search” in Ukrainian and also sounds the same as the name of Holger Czukay, one of the favorite musicians of my friends). Music for television film ‘The Air Seller’ by Victor Vlasov, which has never been released before. Produced with cheap Soviet synths and recorded in 1967, the same year as the film was broadcasted on Soviet television. ‘The Air Seller’ directed by Vladimir Riabtsev is a black and white film based on the eponymous sci-fi novel by Alexander Belyaev, first published in 1929. Fantastic mix of enigmatic exotica, detective jazz, The Animals cover and a version of the main song which didn’t make into the movie (and even its author, Victor Vlasov, didn’t listen to it for fifty years until boys from Shukai played it to him restored from a tape). What a story! And also look forward to the next release on Shukai which should be a mind-blowing reissue of one Soviet ensemble.


Cabletoy – Doktorhaus [Low Budget Family]

Pumping house in the debut release from Pasha Mikheev, very cool guy and our friend, on the Denis Simachev Bar affiliated label. The A-side is a more jacking acid groovers while B-side, produced with Lipelis, is a more euphoric breakbeat with dreamy piano. Feels modern and classic at the same time.


LSW – Life Style West [candomble]

This is not a review but a statement of 100% confidence in the coolness of this record after listening to its samples. Just love this Dusseldorf gang.


YES02 – Stewie Whisper’s Donkey Milk [YES]

Uncomfortable music at its finest. “Yes sophomore release brings us 6-track EP by label’s founder Stevie Whisper including collabs with Andria, 33.10.3402, Wilson and Mystee. Nofield music with some spoken-word-shoegaze. Belgrade all in.”


Kyoto / Zoe Sinatra – Venetian Blinds / Mais Qu’Est-Ce Que Tu Fumes? [Stroom]

Sensual songs for harsh times: “Get the one you love a bouquet of black painted roses, this record and a venomous kiss”


Various Artists 01 [ШЩЦ]

Innovative sounds from Ukraine on ШЩЦ (SHITS) compilation curated by Bohdan Konakov.


Apiento – Things You Do For Love [World Building]

Elegant and fresh 7″ from the Test Pressing boss Paul Byrne.


Opposing Currents – Mirage Information [Artificial Dance]

A new album from Jason Letkiewicz (aka Steve Summers and 1/3 of Mutant Beat Dance) under the Opposing Currents moniker. “Densely layered, mind-altering and often intense, the album’s seven tracks update the Cold War paranoia and pulsating electronics of EBM and industrial music for today’s complex and chaotic political climate”.


Karamika – 2.0 [Offen Music]

The second installment of hard synthetic musical drugs from the finest dealers, Black Merlin and Gordon Pohl. Epic.


Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid – XIN002 [Exo Recordings]

The ​1990s caressing your ears, reimagined​ and repackaged.


Carolina Eyck & Eversines – Waves [yeyeh]

“For the label’s second release, Amsterdam imprint yeyeh has brought together two musicians from vastly different backgrounds to celebrate the far-sighted musical potential of the Theremin on the 100-year anniversary of the instrument’s invention. ‘Waves’ is the product of two weeks of studio collaborations between award-winning composer and Theremin soloist Carolina Eyck and Eversines, an electronic music producer who has previously released music on yeyeh’s sister label ninih.”


Words Sasha Tessio

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