Music of April 2018

Severin – Safe Following Distance 12″ [Petrola 80]


Seriously, Petrola 80, is one my fave new labels around. Bassinprøven by Lyra from its first release was one of my fave pieces of music in 2017. You could also hear tracks from the current EP in our last show on LYL. It’s a music to refresh your sound sensors. Severin is the new project of Danish producer and DJ Jens Konrad Barrett, also active in the Opal Tapes-signed duo Lyra Valenza and co-running the Petrola 80. Besides his appearance on the compilation “I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You” released on Posh Isolation earlier this year, Safe Following Distance is the first material to see the light of day under his Severin moniker. The music is modern, energetic and bright. Sometimes volume control is in red hot heights, it’s hard to define the genre and the tempo is higher than you expect (it’s a speed of our today’s lives dipped into social media craziness).


Capablanca – Dance Dance Dance Dance 12″ [Discos Capablanca]


Phenomenal record of four different Dances. Lenya “stepped out of his comfort zone a bit” and created unpredictable dub-heavy percussion-all-over-the-place Lipelis Paper Sound dub. Hugo lost control over his machines in the second track and some unknown country Americana song seized the air. Alessandro Adriani launching the techno rocket in Dance Less remix while YPY experimenting with prepared sounds of Top Less in the lab. Do you believe in magic?


Pablo’s Eye – Spring Break LP [Stroom]


Meet the spring warmth in a way Nosedrip suggested us to do it – with the Spring Break playing on your home sound system. It’s a compilation of music by Pablo’s Eye, a project centered around sound designer Axel Libeert. An elegant music with soft rhythmical textures, gentle touches of guitar, some notes of violin and trumpet and hypnotical human voice.


Sam McLellan – Music of the Five Elements LP [Seance Centre]


A complex work here. First, he studied electronic composition at Hampshire College where he was intrigued by the possibilities of influencing people, “healing” through music. Second, he experimented with musical composition by relating each of the notes to one of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal Water), and created five variations for each, then he studied its effect on people’s energy levels. And finally, after these tests, Sam McLellan spent one year composing an album designed to help people achieve inner balance, and reduce anxiety and energy depletion.

The album was released back in 1982 but its aim is fresh as ever. The author wrote the listening instruction in the original liner notes: “The optimum effect of Music of the Five Elements will be achieved if each side of this recording is played through, from beginning to end without interruption. Music of the Five Elements, when used as a meditational or body work tool, rather than entertainment, will increase in effect over time. Overplaying or improper use, however, may eventually diminish its designed effect”

Buy it straight from Seance Centre

Tommy Mandel – Mello Magic LP [Invisible City]


One of the records of the year here, long-awaited compilation of Tommy Mandel. Well-known New York-based synth-magician who played with big stars of the 80s like Bryan Adams, Tina Turner and more is still active, you can follow him on Soundcloud and check his recent music. All tracks were recorded between 1980-1987 in Mandel’s studio on Broadway in NYC. Some of it was released on some CDs or the cult 12″. And every second of it is Tommy Mandel – DIY, humorous, colorful and unescapable melodic and simply magic. Solid gold.


Der Kongress – Prima Edizione Edits Cassette


It’s a first offer from the newborn Prima Edizione Edits label from Cologne run by our friend Alex. There’re 4 mysterious edits in a beautifully packaged cassette: two from Alex and two from Thilo Dreesbach. Slow tempo craziness, unrecognizable trance and maddening acid.


Max Abysmal – Sutekh’s Mirage / Donna, Don’t Stop 12″ [Safe Trip]


There’s some element in every release on Safe Trip that correlates with Young Marco, its boss, DJ style (it’s quite obvious btw). It’s correct to say it also about the current single from Max Abysmal. Sutekh’s Mirage is a warm crystal clear boogie house with organic instruments, tropical rhythm, tight bass and memorable melody (it’s rhyming with Marco’s own early records). Donna, Don’t Stop on the flipside is a ritual house with a perfect arrangement, melody lines based on vocals lines.


C.P.I. – Meine Hand 12″ [Hivern Discs]


The previous venture of Hugo and Marc won our chart in 2014, El Tunel was “the most hypnotic club record of the year”. In the current EP, a duo continues their excursion into gloomy symmetrical rhythms with robotic precision, vocals in Meine Hand add some volume and grandiose chic. Sendero Luminoso sounds like a walk in a huge gothic building in the night, it’s empty, dusty, there’re rustle and echoes. Beatless miniature Ninos de Belgrado closes the record with an open finale.


Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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