Interview with Powder


All info we have about you is a quote from NIMH “her nightly practice of hammering tracks alone in the dark”. So tell us a bit more about you now – where are you now and why you prefer to make music at night? 🙂

I was born in a small town in the west of Japan, now living in Tokyo. I’m working in accounting department of mediocre company in Shinjuku. I wake up at 7AM to get to work. After working over time, the clock clicks around 9PM, so I can start hammering my tracks only at night at my home mini studio.


Born free released your super hot debut – how did you get in touch with guys?

I got in touch with Samo DJ in Japan for the first time. We had a party in Tokyo together.

How did you start producing music? What (or who) are your main influences?

In the beginning, I wanted to play in a band. But I was living in a super countryside: there are no clubs, no studio, no record shops, no friends… I just had to make music on my laptop alone. One day when I was a student, I won the track making contest in Japan. My cheesy disco re-edit got picked and I won a synthesizer as a prize hehe. Since then, I was intent on making dance music. Main influences… Even I don’t understand myself. In my younger days, I liked no wave music but didn’t have a friend to share interest to this kind of music. In my school days, I had to take many hours to get to a party in another city by car. Currently, I’m working at a office without background music. I’m producing my music secretly from my school, office and friends. I was a little sad, but I was able to make music in my own way. Maybe this situation had an impact on my music.

Do you take producing music as hobby or you want to move this direction in the future?

I can’t imagine even near future. I wish I would hammer my tracks not only at night… 🙂 In neither case I want to continue producing.

What artists you are following or like today?

Too many! Today, I’m listening to Edward album and Call Super 12″ I got this morning.

How do you like to have fun?

I like cooking! Sometimes my mother sends me fresh vegetables from my hometown. I often spent my weekend at Diskunion.

Your favorite places in your city? And were you abroad?

I like deserted shopping arcades in Tokyo. Yes, I went to Stockholm and Berlin this summer.


For us, Europeans, Japanese people (especially young generation) seem super energetic, emotional and very futuristic. What do you think about your generation, people around you (with my idea in mind)?

Yes, Japanese people are emotional and futuristic in regards to technology and lifestyle. Sometimes I can’t catch up with them. But music scene mostly is not influenced by that because we have no interesting experiences instead of technology. So there are just few young interesting producers in Japan. I hope the scene being better naturally, putting on more interesting parties with memorable experience and cool concept, producing music with comfortable mind.

Where from you got these other-worldly vocals in Lost Of Light (from Highly EP on ESP Institute)? What equipment did you use in your music?

Other-worldly! Thank you 🙂 That is my voice recorded at my mini studio. Maybe it‘s like a voice when I’m at my office. Mainly, I use JUNO-6 in my music. I found this JUNO-6 on the street hehe. Also sometimes I use microKORG received as a prize on track making contest.

Are you interested in sort of collaboration in your music?

I want to combine my music with interactive things someday. I would like to make something being visually and aurally appealing and making someone feel good.


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Words Sasha Tessio & Artem Super Ikra
Photos Powder
Cover drawing Sasha Tessio

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