Interview with LOW party


LOW is a disco/balearic/leftfield clubnight created by Pavel Plastikk & Bard in Kiev, Ukraine. This year we celebrating its 5th Anniversary with Chris Kontos! Also we gathered all resident DJs of LOW party and asked them 3 questions:
1) What did you remember the most from parties? Tell some stories from it.
2) Which guest DJ set was the best in your opinion?
3) Please name three tunes you have played the most at LOW Nights.

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Pavel Plastikk
1) I remember our first party with Gleb Deev at Xlib Club in February 2009. Together with Bard (co-owner at Xlib Club) we didn’t know really what to expect, but at the end the party was great – we got more than 300 people enjoying completely new light and totally unclubby (for that moment in Ukraine) music . Also I remember our party in Oslo with Fonque and Jazzmate in June 2010 – it feels like even space was on our side that time — you’re making party with Rune Lindbaek, drinking beer with Harvey as pre-party and having Beppe Loda dancing to your set later. And of course I should add our first boat party in Kiev in 2011 – when the boat idea came to me everyone said it’s great but it’ll be hard to make it happen – well now we all know the result!
2) I’ve thought a lot about this question, and to be honest for me as LOW creator it’s not that correct to reply however I want to highlight Mo Morris’ set as the most danceable and most eclectic at the same time. Mo has played just perfect set – everything from trance records on the wrong speed to Easter surf songs. Very DJ Marbo style! I loved it!
3) Stephanie Mills – You Can’t Run From My Love (12”, 1982) [Casablanca Records]
Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth (12”, 1990) [Mute]
William Pitt – City Lights (12”, 1987) [Jupiter Records]


P.S. I want to say huge thanks to all our artists who has ever played at LOW Nights: Bill Brewster, Steve Kotey, Andy Newcombe, Paul Strangefruit, Prins Thomas, Bjorn Torske, Ray Mang, Blackjoy, Bottin, Leo Zero, Mo Morris, Rune Lindbaek, Basso, Phuong Dan, Tako, Abel, Eddie C, Tiago, Brennan Green, Pete Herbert, Baris K, Phil Mison, The Cruising, Gleb Deev, DPBG & Magnus Blomkvist! In 2014 we gonna slightly change music policy into more groovy one and we are changing the venue in Kyiv to Closer club at the moment. Please expect for more great guests this year (such as Chris Kontos, Marcello Giordani, DJ Kaos etc).


Serge Jazzmate
1) Every LOW party for me is an absolute rock-n-roll and unforgettable time. Almost every guest DJ was staying at our apartments. I remember happy Rune Lindbaek, who has almost emptied my fridge after the party. It was a bit unhappy surprise for me next hangover morning. But sorry, guys, I’ll keep other stories in secret ;)
2) It’s not an easy question however my favorites were Mo Morris (A Mountain Of One) and the first Rune Lindbaek gig in Xlib Club. And anyway all the guests were gorgeous, big love to you all!
3) Bruce Springsteen — I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Mix) (12”, 2008) [Flamin’ Hotz]
Young Gentlemen’s Adventure Society — Adventure Party (12”, 2011) [International Feel Recordings]
Richie Havens — Going Back To My Roots (12”) [Week-Off Records]


Deema Fonque
1) I’m going to parties not that much often, so Low Party for me is a sort of connection to nightlife in Kiev. It is always a big carnival and you’re always running to your lovely friends, amazing music and you really don’t know where & when you gonna wake up next morning. The most remarkable party for me was in Odessa, it was my first trip to this southern city and it was insane set by Rune Lindbaek, who was mixing Turkish restaurant songs with American filtered house. People were screaming!
2) Rune, Baris K, Tako
3) Bob James — Three (LP, 1976) [CTI Records]
Minority Band — Tasty Tune (12”, 2009) [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
Will Downing — A Love Supreme (12”, 1988) [Island Records]


Olegue Zabava
1) Funny stories about LOW — it’s when you meet Rune Lindbaek in East Berlin around family Italian restaurant and he’s telling stories to Philippo Moscatello about he heard very cool song in Kiev’s taxi and made edit of it, but then he lost his bag with CDs in Odessa’s taxi. Such fun run of music in nature! Or it’s when you are drinking sugarless coffee with Baris K after his heart-warming set and he’s asking you about existing of Satan.
2) The most orgasmic party was on Kazantip XX — it was four-days-long, everyone were there: Pavel, Kamilla, Sheikh, Bill, Dima and Julia. 4 months later I opened my DJ bag and all my records were mixed there with sand, and I felt flavor of vodka with grenadine
3) Unknown Artist — Woman Of Candy (12″, 2010) [International Feel]
I love this record about its unexpected guitar solo, you can make almost everything with dancefloor after it
Knights of Jumungus — Victory Celebration (Those late nights in the forest of Endor edit)
The best secret weapon in hands of a DJ is a very well-known thing. I love when someone is asking me «is it lambada?»
Trade Mark — The Days of Pearly Spencer (12″, 1978)
It’s one of the most important hymns of LOW. Quiet Village taught us play this record really slow.


1) Besides everything LOW Party for me is great case to meet all my friends in the same time – so called LOW-gang, and drink a lot! However the most memorable thing happened with Mo Morris who has played his amazing set in the sport pants of our administrator Helen hehe.
2) The first gig of Tako from Red Light Records was super impressive.
3) Los Pop-Tops — Oh Mamy Blue (7”, 1971) [A&M Records]
Brassroots — Good Life (10”, 2010) [Do Right! Music]
Maanam — Oprócz błękitnego nieba (1991)


Philipp Markovich
1) There is one moment that once definitely showed us, what LOW family really means. Back in February 2012 we’ve been celebrating the third anniversary of our project with a huge party. The headliner of that night was our friend Tako from Amsterdam. That winter was smooth and mild as for Kiev, but exact on the party day a huge snowstorm covered the sky over the city. We were afraid, that most of people would prefer to stay home that night. But we were surprised, as even more people as usually showed up that night in the club. This is reason why we’re doing that thing for such a long time. Because we love our faithful community!
Another story which I really love is one about our hyper-active-energetic friend Cristian Alejandro Ramirez from Cologne. He’s a true disco-devil, who can party four days and nights (or even more!) non-stop. Last year he came to Kharkov to play at Moskvich Bar alongside with Pavel. But there was no direct connection, so he decided to fly over Kiev and to stay at my place for a night. I met him at the airport and his very first sentence was: «I wanna party!» And I was like: «No problem, mate. Just keep in mind, that you should take your train to Kharkov at 6 AM» We went to a bar, where we’ve been drinking till 2 AM or so. As we finally came home, Rami suddenly decided, that he wants more. He suggested going to a club which is close to my house «for one hour only». All my friendly reminders about the train early in the morning were just lame excuse for him. Rami was just unstoppable. So I decided to dodge him. As he didn’t know the exact route to the club, we went out and walked in the opposite direction. As we walked for 40 minutes and unexpectedly came right back to my house Ramie realized, that I tricked him. He was mad at me for one hour, but in the long run I reached my goal — he didn’t miss the train and so the party in Kharkov was saved. Rami, if you read this: Sorry once again for doing that )))
2) My personal favorite LOW guest was Turkish disco-mephisto Barış K. Back in 2011 he smashed Xlib club with his infernal mixture of Turkish disco calssics and acid tunes. At the end of the night I asked him about the meaning of the lyrics of one Barış Manço’s tune he had played that night. Barış was so kind that he not only translated it but also showed any word of the song with dancing movements. As the song was about a girl, which jumped over the small rocks in the river, it was just fun to see him jumping around in the club.
3) The Sound Of Shoom — I Hate Hate (12”, 1990) [Creation Records]
On Top — Unity (12”, 1990) [Big Beat]
Bobby Mardis — Keep On (12”, 1985) [Bluebird]


Vladimir Pata
1) It’s hard to choose something as all the parties were super emotional, and it’s not a secret since 5 years of Lowing haha!! I remember one funny moment, one of our headliner DJs (I’m not saying his name) put his stuff to the train, went out to catch fresh air for a moment and the train is gone together with all his stuff – records, money, passport etc! However luckily everything turned out to be ok at the end!
2) Tako.
3) Bibi Flash — Vie Privee (12”, 1984) [RCA Victor]
The Jammers – The Jammers (LP, 1982) [Rams Horn Records]
Sweet — Funk It Up (David’s song) (12”, 1977) [Capitol Records]

Words: Pavel Plastikk, Serge Jazzmate, Deema Fonque, Olegue Zabava, Bard, Sasha Tessio, Philip Markovich, Vova Pata.
Cover picture: Sasha Tessio
Photos Denis Panchenko