Krossfingers – Thisispaper mix (September 2015)

We recorded a mix for amazing Thisispaper magazine: “it’s a story about dreamy nymphs splashing in the lake, here and there you can hear voices of animals; it is a true symbiosis of freedom and wildlife”. There are Japanese experimental stuff inside, tribal from Dusseldorf, crazy edit from our Moscow favorite Lipelis and more.

Thank to Tasya Kudryk and Thisispaper team!

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Krossfingers – Rinse FM mix (September 2016)

Debuted together with Konakov on the Huntleys + Palmers show on Rinse FM. Brutal mix of Tzusing, Venderstrooik, Tessela, Damaskin and more

Top-5: Chris Tillotson

Track 108: Jonathan Fitoussi, Clemens Hourriere