2 Years: our story

Krossfingers is 2-year-old today, it’s a long journey and we want to remember and share with you some key moments from it. Thank you our readers and contributors, let’s keep building worldwide Krossfingers community!


First post (21 May 2013)

Artem: It is always difficult to start. I chose this song absolutely intuitively because I was overwhelmed with the work of Masin at that time. Nobody knows about the future releases of Gigi and we also didn’t know that we’ll made a little contribution to his renaissance in the future. It is still a turning point for me.


First podcast (12 June 2013)

Artem: Love was the foundation for the compilation I built. This word ties all songs in one strong line leading to a place of bare feelings and burning Shaitan. Many things changed since then, but now I’m looking back at it, as if in a box of memories, and I feel the emotions I was full of at the time.

Sasha: I’m happy to make our project with Artem. One of many causes is his perfect taste. This mix was a one more proof of it. Remember I was lying on a balcony with this mix in my headphones one summer evening. And it was so good: this deep opening “Boys Without Filters”, heart-breaking Sunbear slow dance and of course classic transition from D-Tango to grand remix of Seahawks… I’m re-listening this mix often when I’m into somber mood, it fills me with hope.


First top-5 (28 August 2013)

Sasha: In May 2013, I read superb feature on Resident Advisor about very interesting guy with crazy record collection and his own parties in Berlin. And at the time when we created this new topic, top-5, Francesco (Mr.Ties) had show on Beats In Space. So we decided to contact him. The biggest surprise was that Francesco answered in 5 minutes after my email. It was a defining moment for KF, we understood that we can contact anyone we want.


First drawing on website (15 October 2013)

Artem: Sasha never boasted of his drawing skills and I was forgetting it often. The only thing was reminding me of it, was a series of cardboard envelopes, where Sasha stored his CDs. Each envelope was a hand-drawn copy of original record artwork. Many people wondered why he did not develop these skills in the right way. After a cover for interview with Basso we understood that it is what we need. Very glad that Sasha decided to display his artistic talent, and this thing completed visual style of our website.

Sasha: One day I remembered words of my ex-girlfriend who pushed me to draw. She believed in me. So I started to paint after a 5-years long break. And after series of her portraits I decided to make a portrait of Basso for our interview with him. Since then all our “Heroes” features have painted covers.


First top of the month (31 October 2013)

Artem: We always try to make an emphasis on individuality. There are many tops and charts around, and it’s usually boring and uninteresting, to be honest. Therefore, it was important to make the “Top of the Month” special, and understandable to everyone. Personally, I am not the king of musical terms, so I’m always trying to convey my opinion about records with the help of associations and experiences. Experiences everyone can feel. The visual side has been designed as a reinterpretation of the original artwork. Record artwork is very important for artists and it’s important for us also. So our top of the month is completely unique and I’m waiting for the next one as holiday every month 🙂

Sasha: Records are very important in KF story. We started to buy more and more stuff. And when we wanted to create a new topic with reviews it became a criteria for us: we write only about records we really want to buy. And we wanted to make this usual topic with reviews in a special not boring way. So we decided to make it in a form of postcards with colourful paintings. In March-September 2014 we “hired” Johnny, fictional character, who was appearing on every image for every review. Now he’s “on vacation” and I feel more freedom in creating artwork for “the best records of the month” topic.


Interview with Gigi Masin (14 November 2013)

Sasha: We were absolutely into samples of upcoming compilation of Gigi’s work on Music From Memory at the time. And we decided to contact the genius for an interview. Gigi was very kind and agreed to our proposition. It was very important that we did it in a form of chat, we opened many crazy facts during it. Now Gigi’s in the game again and I’m super happy for him! Italy is still number one in my wantlist of countries to visit abroad, it’s also because of Gigi 🙂

Artem: Interview with Gigi is something incredibly significant for me. It was an enlightenment. It is this case when the depth and power of musical compositions are the reflection of the creator’s same wisdom and sincerity. Masin is an amazing person, a magic personality and it’s very difficult to convey the extent of his talent in the words and expressions. I am happy that now he has a lot of projects and shows.


First top of the year (31 December 2013)

Sasha: You can see the evolution of KF taste in our tops: we were very into mellow balearic stuff first year, the Merge LP on Growing Bin headed our top in 2013. But the second place was a forerunner of the change: Artem brought brilliant techno record from Tambien. Now we are more into dynamic, experimental stuff and Public Possession is one of our fave labels.

Artem: Summing up the year – it’s always something binding and massive. We were happy to use the visual part with photographs where the finest records are in our hands. It is important and it’s friendly. It is not a place in the chart, but something real. It is an attitude, and it really matters for us.


Feature on TestPressing (18 April 2014)

Sasha: Testpressing was one of the landmark websites for us at the start. So of course it was a dream to be featured there. The funny story is that we got three invites to make mixes at the same time (of course we accepted it all): from TP, RacketRacket and Keyboard Masher blog. So we recorded it in one take as 6-hour long mix and then cut it in 3 parts 🙂

Artem: It was very cool to do something for Testpressing. Especially if it is a mixtape accompanied with interview. I remember that I brought a lot of music for several mixtapes. And then, when I came to Kiev, we drunk with Sasha a bit and recorded it in one take. Chris Kontos played on LOW party the same day and acquaintance with him and SET were a real revelation for me.


Sasha Tessio & DJ Harvey (16 June 2014)

Sasha: The whole story started after me tagged Heidi Lawden in a sketch of Harvey on Instagram. Then I got this unbelievable offer from her. It took maybe 6 months from the idea to the record in my hands. It was one of the most interesting projects in my life, I really enjoyed the process. The fun moment about this cover is that Heidi asked me to include modern looking guy so I painted one of them from my good friend and neighbour Alex (that guy in fitted jacket).

Artem: DJ Harvey is an absolute truth for us, as for many other diggers. He’s an undoubted guru and sacred element of our solar system. So imagine the feeling when you’re doing the artwork for the Harvey’s album. Did you imagine it? You’re right, it’s an ocean of sensations. Especially when your best friend did it. It is unimaginable joy mixed with pride. Incredible victory.


The first party in Kosatka (18 July 2014)

Sasha: Ah, it’s a special story 🙂 It’s all about friendship and good people. I met Artem in Fazenda Bar 3 years ago and the same owners, our friends, opened Kosatka Cafe a year ago. Since then it became my favorite place in Kiev. The whole team working there are my friends, the food is tasty, drinks are perfect, the interior is very natural and cozy. I wanted to make something cool for this place so made a special series of posters. I always had great time there, can’t forget our last 9-hours long session with Artem and Denis Riabov!

Artem: Kosatka is my favorite bar in Kiev at the moment. DJs play records only there, owners are my friends, there is best staff in the city. I like Sasha’s special posters series with the spirit of refined minimalism of the place.


From Tumblr To WordPress (10 November 2014)

Sasha: We started as a blog with tracks and photos, but in 6 months or so we posted our first interviews and I understood what KF should be. Tumblr was very slow and limited, the look was poor. But to be honest I’m happy we had this evolution with moving to WordPress, it was a natural process. We didn’t start from a great design, the content was always on the 1st place.

Artem: Tumblr was a little world where we expressed our opinion. We went with it a long way full of joy and misery. But at some point you feel cramped in the apartment and you want to build a house. The house you really want. This was a logical development. Our readers and we can see things better and more colorful after the move to WordPress, and we can do whatever our heart desires.


The 50th podcast by Prins Thomas (24 February 2015)

Sasha: I like integer numbers and we wanted to surprise our subscribers on 50th episode. Prins Thomas is my long time favorite selector since his epic Essential and Resident Advisor mixes from 2007. So it was a very happy moment when Thomas answered “yes” and put a very special “rather jazzy, noisy and quite hairy” mix for us.

Artem: Prins Thomas recorded 50th podcast for us, what else can you ask for?


Our party with Suzanne Kraft & Denis Riabov (17 April 2015)

Sasha: I feel myself living in virtual reality with KF sometimes. Likes, shares and comments… And then we finally met in person with Diego and Denis, we had an amazing time in Kiev, visited many places, met many friends. And that’s what it’s all about, it’s not about number of likes! I was really happy. I want to have more these real moments in my life.

Artem: It was an unforgettable experience! This moment is etched in my heart as the ideal family music holiday. Many thanks to Diego and Denis, and all the friends as well and the crowd. I look forward to see you soon!

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